You Need To Know…

Be very careful what supplements you buy and more importantly from whom you buy them. The internet is full of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements for sale. Unfortunately it is a known fact that “fake” supplements are being sold online. Some are counterfeit, some are expired and some are stolen.  For example, we know that counterfeit labels from a known brand are being routinely sold on a major platform. When it comes to nutraceuticals and supplements, you cannot rely on the label. You must do your homework and find out who you are buying them from.

One of the reasons we decided to build Ready4 Health was to make sure people who were intent on being healthy – like us – were not being scammed with fake or inferior or even dangerous products.  All of our products are made in the USA at an FDA inspected facility using state of the art manufacturing practices. If you do not buy Ready4.Health products here directly from us, you cannot trust the consistent purity, strength, identity and composition of each formula.

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